Tesla GigaFactory powered by the worlds largest solar array.

Tesla Gigafactory in construction


The Tesla Gigafactory is a marble of modern engineering, as it combines space, productivity, and efficiency together better than any other factory in the world. Last week Tesla announced that they had finally begun the production of lithium ion batteries. These batteries are necessary to power Tesla’s electric cars and Power Wall.

While this is an incredible feat, that will bring jobs and economic growth to the USA. The more amazing thing, which does not get as much publicity as it should is the fact that the Gigafactory will be powered using the worlds largest solar panel array. The panels will produce an incredible 70 MW of power, trumping the worlds largest record of 11.5 MW in India.

Tesla’s Solar Panel Array

Tesla’s essence is shown entirely in this Gigafactory as they plan to have 100% renewable sources of energy. Even most of the heating for the building will be coming from excess heat given off by some of the production machines. Tesla goes as far as even recycling the water at the factory, they say “Gigafactory’s closed-loop water supply system uses six different treatment systems to efficiently re-circulate about 1.5 million liters (that’s around 400,000 gallons) of water, representing an 80 percent reduction in fresh water usage compared with standard processes.”

Tesla is taking it to the next level, they are making heaps much like how Henry Ford revolutionized the assembly line back on the early 1900’s. Lets hope that the Gigafactory serves an example and other companies follow in their footsteps to clean renewable sources to power their factories.


Sources: The Verge and Electrek

Images:  h080 on Flickr and Tesla