SpaceX Iridium 1 mission success!

Watching the stream live as the rocket fired its engines, i could feel my self having feelings of excitement and anticipation.

Falcon 9 takes off!

SpaceX was not only able to deliver the payload safely to orbit, but they were also able to land their Falcon 9 rocket safely back to Earth. This is huge for SpaceX as it will bring back some of the lost interest and trust it lost from last years failed lunch during September.

Falcon 9 above drone ship.


Here you can see as the Falcon 9 rocket slowly descends back from flight as it prepares to land on a drone ship. This marks SpaceX seventh successful return on this particular Falcon 9 rocket, with the potential of being reused once again. With this kind of system the price for taking things into space will be greatly reduced, allowing for some interesting ideas and services to emerge.




Falcon 9 safely lands on drone ship!

The launch is part of a series of satellite deployments for the client Iridium as they deploy 70 mini satellites which will provide  voice and data communication as a service. This is good news for SpaceX as they are a private launch provider and need this type of trust in order to get new contracts and decrease the cost of launches.